Coconut Shrimp

Great Tasting Coconut Shrimp

How to make Great Tasting Coconut Shrimp When we go out to eat I always look for coconut shrimp for an appetizer.  Something about the coconut and shrimp texture together is unstoppable.  But the price at the restraints can be a big disappointment so why not learn how to make them at home? Great Tasting […]

Be Careful When Dousing Raw Fish With Lemon Juice…Things Can Get Pretty Intense

When working with raw meat and fish, it’s helpful to have a strong stomach. After all, the smell and feel of raw food can be a little unpleasant. On top of all that, things can get pretty freaky when knives are out in the open. But some strange culinary happenings are a cut above the […]

Ahi Grilled

Grilled Ahi Tuna

Tuna is so popular now days, and cooking it over a charcoal fire just brings out the flavors. Serves EaGrilled Ahi Tuna Paul Jacobson I am really into fish and enjoy the heck out of my Tuna. Tuna is much more then what you find in a can. Give this a try and you will […]

Baked Pacific Cod

Cod Blue Plate Special

Restaurant quality dish here, that’s why it gets the name of Cod Blue Plate Special. Fixing Seafood can be done real easy or it can turn into a mess.  When I want to impress visitors this is my go to dish.  Using parchment paper makes clean up a snap. To finish off the dish you […]