Easy Pork

Monkey Meat! (Pork on Skewer)

Great fun for dinner, easy pork tenderloin Bar-b-que.

Here is a Fast Easy Fun way to cook up a Pork Tenderloin.  Now there is a simple trick that you may want to know about.

I place the tenderloin in the freezer till it is stiff so that cutting it thinly is an easy task, keeps the thickness the same and the cooking time is even also. I like using the smaller tenderloins, helps to keep the portion sizes the same.

What to marinate the meat with or just brush on before cooking?  I like a few variations; one is the tried and true Teriyaki I like a thicker sauce or even a Caribbean Jerk.  The nice thing is you can use anything that you like.

Use to call this Monkey Meat. Great Pork BBQ

Back to the cutting, cut the meat about ¼ inch thick once the meat is well chilled.

Place the medallions onto the skewers evenly spaced

Lay them out on a platter or some kind of carrying dish

Apply you sauce, wait 10 minutes or so

Flip the meat over and apply the sauce to this side.

Wait again about 10 minutes

Place on a hot grill, cook for 5 to 7 minutes on the first side

Flip the skewers and finish the cooking.

You can serve either hot or cold.

Works kind of like finger food on a stick.

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