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How to cut strawberries evenly

Cutting Strawberries evenly


So you’re going to make a nice strawberry short cake dish for desert and you would like it to look fantastic with the berries all cut evenly so how is that done at home?

It is nearly impossible to hand cut the berries so that they are even.  I have tried and gave up after just cutting a few.  So I started to look around all the different gadgets that I have for cooking and came up with two contenders that could work. My egg slicer was one but the wires I didn’t think would hold up to the task, so the second and best tool was the mushroom slicer!  Now there was the tool that could handle the job.  The larger blades work fantastic cut through the berries without a problem and within minutes I was done with that task.  All the berries were evenly cut and they looked great.

Give your mushroom cutter a try the next time you’re looking to cut berries evenly, clean up was a snap too

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    Hi Brad:
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