Marsala Sauce with Chicken

Marsala Sauce with Chicken.

First time for this one, Haven’t had time to do much cooking, life has been full.  So the other day at the store I saw this Marsala sauce and decided to give it a try.

Easy Chicken Sauce

Cooking for two you can always try new item, if they don’t turn out you can just sneak out for dinner.  So far we have been lucky .  Now about the sauce:  it is a bit earthy so be ready for a new smell in the kitchen.  The gravy is nice and thick and has a great flavor. I found adding a few extra mushrooms helped with the eye appeal of the dish.  Extra onions round out the base Marsala Sauce.

Pre cook your noodles for 8 minutes and add them into the sauce, let them finish up in the pot.  That will keep them from over cooking and turning in to mush.

Finish off your easy dinner with some vegetables and a crisp salad.

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