15 Poke Cake Recipes You For Your Life Right This Minute

Ever bite into a cake only to be entirely underwhelmed due to the lake of cake-to-frosting ratio?

Yeah, we’ve all been there.

But with poke cakes, that problem becomes entirely obsolete. You see, the dessert is exactly what it sounds like…cakes that have holes poked into them. They’re then doused with frosting, filling, and any other sweet treat you choose to pour over top.

Here are all the ways you can enjoy this genius dessert.

1. Here’s how it works…this caramel-apple deliciousness is too good to miss.

2. Let’s just dive in then…these s’mores poke brownies are a good start.

3. Finally, someone turned Snickers into a poke cake!

4. White cake is good, but white cake infused with strawberry Jell-O is better.

5. You’ll get just the right amount of strawberry in this cheesecake poke confection.

6. The holes of this poke cake are filled with cream of coconut — YUM.

7. Banana pudding poke cake? Yes, all of the yes.

8. I love key lime pie…but I might love this key lime poke cake more.

9. This cinnamon roll poke cake just stole my heart — and stomach.

10. This bad boy has cheesecake pudding and blueberry sauce in it.

11. If you’re into tiramisu, you’ll fall head over heels for this poke cake.

12. A Bailey’s-filled poke cake is everything I need right now.

13. Vanilla pudding + orange Jell-O = this beautiful creation.

14. I will have dreams of this lemon-curd-filled poke cake.

15. This blueberry poke cake isn’t just pretty to look at, it’s tasty too!

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