Shrimp, shrimp!

Bay Shrimp Horderve with Cream Cheese

Shrimp  and Cream Cheese Horderve

Here is the one shrip dish as a horderve that is always a hit.

Bay Shrimp with cream chesse is always a hit, easy to to make no cooking required so even the most challanged “want to be cook” can start getting followers.

Bay Shrimp Horderve with Cream Cheese

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  • 1. Whipped cream cheese
  • 2. Bay Shrimp
  • 3. Cocktail Sauce
  • 4. Diced Red Onion
  • 5. Capers
  • 6. Lemon slices

If your going to be taking this to a friends house and your not interested in bring back your dish.  I suggest that you purchase a preformed aluminum tray, that way your free to go any time your finished with the party.

Here is how you set it all up.

1. Wash the aluminum pan.

2. Place the whipped cream cheese into the pan.  (You can garnish the edges or ship this step)

3.  Spread the creem cheese out to an even thickness

4. Pour the Bay shrimp on top of the cream cheese evenly.  The shrimp should be thawed but can be put on frozen if the party hasn’t started.

5. Pour the Cocktail sauce on top of the shrimp, I usually pour it down the center so your guest can see what they are getting.

6. On one end I put the diced onions and the capers, that way the adults can add them as they feel fit.

7. Sliced Lemon on the side to finish the dish.

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