Lamb Chops Cooked in the Broiler

Lamb chops cooked in the broiler is an easy way to fix a fantastic meal.

There a lots of way to prepare and cook meat, and today were going to take some of the magic out of it and make dinner a snap to prepare.

First thing to do is get the chops in to a marinate .  The marinate that I used on this meal was a simple mixture of Balsamic vinegar, ginger, garlic, and olive oil  a little salt and some fresh ground pepper.

Let the lamb chops be in marinated for up to 12 hours.

Place them on the broiler pan (remember to line the bottom of the pan for easy clean up)

They cook up fast so stay with them, for medium rare 5 minute per side.

Serve them up with a nice salad and some vegetable.

Watch out for smoke, it will set off the smoke alarms so venting the kitchen


Post Author: Bradly