Easy Dinners That Will Impress

Dinners That Will Impress! Your lady or gentleman caller never has to know that their perfect meal wasn’t actually hard to make. they just know your dinners thta will impress them time after time. View this image › 1. Coconut-crusted tilapia with a pretty pomegranate salsa: View this image › howsweeteats.com You get points for […]

People in Other Countries Must Have Different Taste Buds. The Flavors? Whoa.

People hate on America for having weird foods like the Double-Down Sandwich at KFC and wasabi-ginger Lays, but really? The flavors of our food are quite sensible compared to what goes on in other countries. There is some serious snack-voodoo going on around the world, but no one is talking about it. Their snack-food-scientists have created some crazy (and […]