People in Other Countries Must Have Different Taste Buds. The Flavors? Whoa.

People hate on America for having weird foods like the Double-Down Sandwich at KFC and wasabi-ginger Lays, but really? The flavors of our food are quite sensible compared to what goes on in other countries. There is some serious snack-voodoo going on around the world, but no one is talking about it.

Their snack-food-scientists have created some crazy (and crazy delicious) monsters.

1.) Steak Doritos.

2.) Bacon Coke.

3.) McDonald’s Filet O’Shrimp.

4.) Chocodilla.

5.) Ham Ruffles.

6.) Spaghetti Popsicle.

7.) Pancake Drink.

8.) Mountain Dew Cheetos.

9.) Hot And Sour Fish Soup Lays.

10.) Coffee Jelly Frappuccino.

11.) Squid-Ink Burger King Black Burger.

12.) Green Tea Oreos.

13.) Pizza And Spaghetti Slushees.

14.) Avocado Flavored Cheetos.

15.) Lemon And Pepper Flavored Tang.

16.) Horse Meat Ice Cream.

17.) Seaweed, Soft-shell Crab, and Grilled Shrimp Flavored Pringles.

18.) Grilled Corn Flavored Kit Kat Bars.

19.) Dry Pork And Seaweed Donut.

The next time you turn up your nose at pickle flavored chips at the gas station, just remember that somewhere in Japan someone is snacking on Mountain Dew Doritos. The world is chaos.

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Post Author: Bradly