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A Bizarre Restaurant In Japan Sells Some Crazy Meals For The Bravest Of Diners

Do you like trying new things? Would you describe yourself as an adventurous eater? Well, then I have the perfect restaurant for you. It hosts some of the rarest, most unique dishes in the world. In Japan, there is a restaurant that serves amazing specialty dishes that only the most daring eaters would be willing […]

Popsicles Are Usually Refreshing, But These Creations Might Make You Nervous.

To explore how people identify and react to things perceived as dangerous, artist Wei Li and her team Bold or Italic created a series of friendly items disguised in some very unfriendly ways. The project became known as Dangerous Popsicles: Aesthetics of User-Unfriendliness. It features everyone’s favorite frozen treats, popsicles, in the guise of things you definitely don’t want to put […]