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A Bizarre Restaurant In Japan Sells Some Crazy Meals For The Bravest Of Diners

Do you like trying new things? Would you describe yourself as an adventurous eater? Well, then I have the perfect restaurant for you. It hosts some of the rarest, most unique dishes in the world.

In Japan, there is a restaurant that serves amazing specialty dishes that only the most daring eaters would be willing to try. The restaurant is called Chinju-ya, and the chefs who work there take pride in upping the culinary ante. But it’s not for the weak (or queasy). If you’re feeling adventurous, check some of these dishes out.

You can start with some bugs.

Worms are fan favorites!

But if you’re really feeling ballsy, order a nice lizard.

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They even serve up crocodile meat, which is definitely a rare delicacy.

They also dole out dishes of scorpions.

Deep-fried salamanders are popular among patrons as well.

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This might seem like it’d be an unpopular restaurant, but that’s totally not true. The people who dine at this joint pay a pretty penny for their meals, and locals can’t get enough. If you’re an adventurer, you should absolutely pay these chefs a visit when you make your way to Japan!

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