Orange Ginger Honey Salmon

How to make this dish of orange ginger honey Salmon.

Simple dish only take a few minute to make up the basting sauce for your Salmon.

In a small pot pour in 2 cups of Orange juice

Add 1/3 cup Honey

Grate frozen Ginger into the mix

A little fresh ground pepper and some garlic if you wish.

Heat the mixture to dissolve the honey

Let it cool a bit.

Take your Salmon and skin it, remove the fat line too.

In the baking pan line it with parchment paper.  Take the time to fold the corners it will make clean up a snap.

Add a little Onion too

Place the fish into the pan, pour the sauce on top and bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes uncovered.  This will help concentrate the flavors.

After the first 10 minutes I added some peeled shrimp to the pan, after all everything is better with some shrimp.  I used 31 to 40 size.

Return the dish to the oven but cover it with foil

Cook for 10 more minutes

Serve with a nice vegetable and rice

Post Author: Bradly