Salmon with Chimichurri Rice

Easy Salmon with Chimichurri Rice

We all get pressed for time and run out of ideas for that next dinner.  Happens to me all the time.   Being a Salmon fan I try to come up with something simple and very tastful.  Salmon with Chinicurri Rice is just that dish.  The great part of making this dish is that most of it is done for you.

Chimichurri Rice

The instructions are very basic here.  Get the Chimicurri rice from the frozen section of Trader Joes.

Place the Salmon in to the pan.

Poor the rice around the edge of the Salmon

Annd just a dash of water

Add a little butter

Dinner in one pan


Turn on the heat to medium

Cover the pan

Cook for about 15 to 20 minutes on top of your range depending on the thicknees of your salmon

Salmon with Chimicurri Rice easy dinner

There you are! A super easy flavor packed easy dinner!

Add a salad and your ready to eat.

Easy Chimicurri Rice With Salmon

Clean up is a snap and the taste is great.

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