You Might Be A Little Stunned When You See Why Reservations Spiked At This Eatery

We’ve all been at our favorite restaurant as a table with an unruly child makes meal time nearly impossible to enjoy.

Just last night, I was out to dinner at my favorite chain restaurant with my cousin and his family, and my five-year-old cousin was anything but well-behaved. Struggling to keep your children entertained in public can be a daunting task. But when menus and crayons just won’t do, some parents bring iPads and other electronic devices with them to keep their children from being tiny terrors.

And while some restaurant managers and owners often joke about banning children from their establishments, one family-owned restaurant in North Carolina had the nerve to do what many have only dreamed about.

The tiny town of Mooresville, North Carolina, has gained its 15 minutes of fame in the national spotlight after Caruso’s Restaurant, an upscale Italian eatery, banned small children under the age of five from the joint.

The ban originated after wait staff and the manager had to ask a young girl and her parents multiple times to turn down the volume on her iPad during her meal.

Yoshi Nunez is no stranger to dealing with unruly children, but in the case of this girl and her family, the fed-up manager had to take action.

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