What Does Your Wine Choice Say About You?

Red, white, and you.

  1. What Does Your Wine Choice Say About You?


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What Does Your Wine Choice Say About You?

  1. You got: Chardonnay

    You wear your heart on your sleeve. You love warm weather and going to the beach. You also like to pretend you don’t like Taylor Swift, but you secretly love her and listen to her music when you’re driving and/or cooking.

  2. You got: Riesling

    You can be shy at first, but once you warm up to someone you’re full of lively conversation and laughs. You love the hustle and bustle of big cities but appreciate a quiet night at home with a good book. You prefer fruity candies over chocolate ones and cats over dogs.

  3. You got: Pinot Grigio

    You’re quick-witted and a fast reader. You don’t bullsh*t people, and it’s appreciated by your friends and co-workers. You know what you like and don’t like and it shows. People respect you and your quiet confidence.

  4. You got: Sauvignon Blanc

    You love delicious food and seek out new good restaurants wherever you are. You’re generally very calm and put together. You try to stay active but feel guilty that you don’t do yoga more regularly. You prefer the fall to the spring.

  5. You got: Moscato

    You’re very physically attractive and love to dance. People are attracted to you like a magnet. You love animals and romantic comedies. While you may appear a little like an airhead sometimes, you’re actually very smart and almost always on point.

  6. You got: White Zinfandel

    You’re not a big wine drinker, but if there are no other options you’ll drink it. You like pop music and feel nostalgic for the ‘80s even if you weren’t around during them. You’re not afraid to wear bright colors, and it matches your colorful personality

  7. You got: Champagne

    You know how to enjoy the finer things in life and love any excuse to celebrate. Your choice of champagne reflects your bubbly personality. People love being around you and that works out because you love being surrounded by people! You’re the life of the party.

  8. You got: Cabernet Sauvignon

    You’re down to earth and very genuine. People appreciate your intelligence and laid-back demeanor. You’re great in relationships because you’re extremely loyal. On top of all of that you’re also great in bed!

  9. You got: Malbec

    You are extremely smart and ambitious. You appreciate good art, music, and people. You can be quiet in large groups, but when you do talk it’s worth the wait, because you never waste your breath on anything that’s not insightful or funny to say. You’re a great listener and an even better lover.

  10. You got: Pinot Noir

    You sexy minx, you. You’re mysterious, spicy, and flirtatious. People are naturally attracted to you and your saucy nature. When you’re not busy seducing everyone around you, you enjoy taking long naps with a soft blanke

  11. You got: Merlot

    You’re very genuine and make a great friend. You prefer to stay in than to go out and love hosting small groups at your place. You’re surprisingly competitive and weirdly good at Cards Against Humanity. You like both cats and dogs, but if you had to choose, you’d choose dogs.

  12. You got: Rioja

    You studied abroad in Spain and had a magical time. You love to travel, but home is where the heart is and you like to be there too. You’re a night owl and can stay up all night partying without a problem. You are very charming and have a great smile.

  13. You got: Chianti

    You’re a very warm and outgoing person. You’re close with your family and fiercely protective of them. You give great hugs but squeeze a little too hard sometimes. You have a favorite restaurant that you go to regularly. You’re a little soft around the middle but it works for you.

  14. You got: Shiraz

    You’re sophisticated and fun. You prefer red meat to white meat and definitely aren’t a vegetarian. You enjoy warm weather and love going for long, scenic drives. You can be a tough nut to crack though, and only laugh at jokes if you actually think they’re funny.

  15. You got: Bordeaux

    You have extremely good taste and love the finer things in life. You’re not a pet person and get uncomfortable around big dogs. You love to travel but rarely find time to. You appreciate good music and art and have a pretty good collection of both at home.

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