Weber Genesis BBQ

Weber Genesis Bar-B-Que

Time to start thinking about a New Weber Genesis Bar-B-Que

I know it isn’t spring in a lot of places, but it is time to start thinking about replacing that grill that your not in love with.  You know just what I am talking about.  It was great when it was new but now you have replaced the burners and the heat just isn’t the same.  The heat is gone … and you know that it isn’t going to be coming back.

What are you to do?  Is it time to step up at last get that one unit that will last for years?  Just add up how much you have already spent … yes this is the year to get past the wishing for the best you can get.   It is time to just do it!

I know I went through that same bunch of thoughts and the decision that was made was to step up.   With so many units for sale how do you know which one is right for you.

Here are a few things to think about:

  1. How many are you cooking for.
  2. How often will you use it.
  3. If you get a real nice Stainless Steel unit is it secured.
  4. Do you want gas or charcoal.


Post Author: Bradly