Egg Cooker Silicone Hard & Soft Cooker

I tried Eggletts the Silicone egg cooking tool.

The ones we received didn’t come with any instruction.  Somehow we ended up with two different kinds on egg things.   First off you do need some basic instruction for using this tool if that it what it really is.  I made some scrambles eggs and I did the boiled egg thing.

In the pot and ready to boil.

What I found for the scrambled.

  1. Do not over fill the container when making the scrambled eggs, the lid popped off
  2. Don’t go to crazy adding ingredients for the mix
  3. The eggs came out of the container okay

I would use the egg tool again for little scrambled eggs.

Eggs scrambled and ready to put in the forms

Making hard boiled eggs

  1. Here is where the instructions would have came in helpful, you can’t just crack the egg and put it in to the container, the stick real bad.
  2. Must use some spray oil so the egg will release, otherwise you will have a mess getting the eggs out and then cleaning them turns in to work.
  3. They don’t look as nice as a steamed or boiled egg. They would work fine in a salad.
What a mess you get when the form isn’t lubed up right

Egg Steamers over the silicone egg holders

I am still a fan of the egg cookers that steam the eggs or making them the old fashion way in a pot and just boiling them.

I find that pealing the eggs when they are still warm works the best for me.  Just had a thought…. Could use the Eggletts for storing individual eggs after they are finished.  No need to put the eggs in to a sealed dish, then you could use them one at a time.  I may do that and give you a update for storage.

Post Author: Bradly