Windex For Everything, it is Right Next to Duct Tape

Even if you haven’t seen “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” you’re probably aware of the family’s affinity for dousing anything and everything with Windex.

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From cuts to cleaning, they use that stuff for everything.  I generally agree that it’s the perfect all-purpose cleaning solution, despite the original formula generally only being touted as a glass cleaner.

If you have a bottle of this cleaning product around your house, here are a few ways to use it you might not have known about!

1. Spray bugs like ants and mosquitoes with Windex to kill them. Avoid doing this on bees and wasps, though.

It is a easy thing to try and doesn’t make a mess.

2. You can also deter bugs from coming into your house by placing a little bowl of Windex by doors and windows in the summer.

Now how nice would that be?

They dislike the smell of it.

3. You can clean diamonds and sterling silver with Windex…here’s how.

4. Crystal trinkets and chandeliers can also be cleaned with some Windex.

5. Remove a ring that’s too tight on your finger by spraying the area with Windex and wiggling it off. The spray helps shrink your skin.

I am not sure that it really shrinks your skin, if it did I know a lot of people that would bath in it ….LOL

6. Get rid of caked-on grease from your stove-top, pans, and even your range with some Windex. Just be sure to go over every spot with water before cooking there again.

Again it is easy to try!

7. A quick spritz of Windex cleans up any mess on your counter tops. It’s safe on granite, marble, and even laminate.

8. Clean your bathroom from top to bottom with Windex…seriously, it’s great on tile, mirrors, faucets, and tubs.

9. Give your kid’s plastic and rubber toys a spray to keep them squeaky clean and germ-free. Make sure to rinse them off before handing them back, though.

10. The same rule applies for play sets.

11. Patio pieces need to be kept clean, too! Spray wicker, plastic, and other non-cloth furniture down when it’s looking grimy.

12. Get rid of messy dry eraser marks by spraying a whiteboard with Windex and wiping it off with a paper towel.

Now this is nice, and it is easy to do.

13. If you have marble or granite floors, don’t waste your money on expensive cleaners. Use Windex!

14. Clean just about every surface in your car (except for the seats and carpets) with Windex.

15. When you change the litter each week, deep clean the box with Windex before putting more litter in.

16. Get pesky stains out of your clothes by spraying with clear Windex. Let the item sit for 15 minutes, blot it dry, rinse with cold water, and launder as usual!

Finally, I don’t have to feel guilty about using this stuff to clean every inch of my house…it’s actually totally normal! Phew.

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