These 25 Restaurant Signs Are A Little Crazy, But Also Genius.

When you run a restaurant, there are a million things to worry about. Health codes, income and staff are some of the big ones… but taking advantage of the foot traffic passing your establishment? That’s also key, but it takes some finesse. These restaurant came up with signs that are amazingly genius. Almost all of these would get me to walk in the door. Just wait until you see #11.

(It does beg the question though: Can the food inside ever really live up the witty sign outside? Probably not, but enjoy these nonetheless.)

1.) I’m intrigued.

2.) Batman is coming to dinner.

3.) That’s a pretty good question.

4.) How else are you supposed to measure hotdog size?

5.) Nothing like a rebellious burrito.

6.) Only in America do food and politics mix so well.

7.) That’s the truth.

8.) Actually…what?

9.) I am correct.

10.) This sign really makes it an easy choice.

11.) Almost too accurate.

12.) This sign has layers.

13.) Apparently there was a Nazi rally in town that day.

14.) Yes please!

15.) Signs that ask the real questions.

16.) A regular Shakespeare.

17.) Judge not.

18.) Defiant employees.

19.) It’s 5pm somewhere, right?

20.) Highly specific.

21.) I’d give it a try.

22.) It’s good to be a good guy.

23.) How generous.

24.) Now I’m questioning everything.

25.) Helpful with directions.

(Via: Buzzfeed)

If I saw any of these signs on the street, I’d walk in immediately. It doesn’t even matter what food they serve. Who needs actual marketing when you have signs like these? Don’t forget to share these hilarious signs with you friends by clicking below.

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