This Waitress Didn’t Get A Tip, But Not Because She Was A Bad Server

People who are waiters and waitresses work hard every day. They’re constantly on their feet and have to deal with rude customers.

Tipping is a way to acknowledge the effort wait staff puts in to make sure your meal is enjoyable and prepared the way you like it. People who work in restaurants also depend on gratuities to survive, and stiffing your waiter or waitress on their tip can leave them unable to pay the bills. This is why many restaurants are moving toward standard pay and no-tip policies. For the time being, however, tipping is part of the American dining experience.

One woman in South Carolina was shocked after serving a pleasant-seeming couple to not only find no tip, but also an insulting note written on a napkin.

The note reads: “The woman’s place is in the home. Your place is in the home. It even says so in the Bible. You may think that you’re contributing to your household by coming into work, but you’re not.”


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“While you’re in here ‘working’ this is the reason your husband must see another woman on his way home from a long day at his work. Because you should be home taking care of the household duties, you may think what you are doing ‘working’ is right, it is really essentially a disgrace to his manhood and to the American family.”


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The “tip” ends: “So instead of coming to your ‘job’ and looking for handouts to feed your family, how’s about going home and cleaning your house and cooking a hot meal for your husband and children, the way your husband and God intended, and help make America great again. Praying for families and our nation.”


The anonymous waitress said, “I felt mortified, embarrassed, humiliated even. I felt hurt, and a bit heartbroken. It is a bit disheartening and discouraging that things like this happen at this day and age.”


This sounds like an awful experience. What do you think about this nasty note? Let us know in the comments below.

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