Pot Pie

Sausage & Gravy Pot Pies

Sausage & Gravy Pot Pies?

I was at the store the other day and in the freezer section I saw that Banquet had out some sausage and gravy pot pies.  And for less then a buck each I had to give them a try.   Her is my take on them.

What the heck something different and to top it off easy to make.  Like most foods today you can bake them or pop them into the microwave and have your food in a flash.  I decided to take the long way to breakfast and I baked them.  Keep an eye on them so that you don’t over cook the flakey crust.

Baked to perfection.


The crust was nice and flakey just like the box promised me, and I always that their at their word, why would the print say something that wasn’t true?

The eggs

I think they turned out right too, nice runny yolks and whites that are done and not runny.  I added a dash of Tarragon with salt and fresh ground pepper right at the end of the cooking time, the salt was Kosher salt with big salt flavor.  Toast was Trader Joes Sour dough I like the shape of the brad toast up nice and even.

Pot Pie
What A Breakfast!

Big question is would I use them again, and I am going to tell you the answer is yes.  The sausage was tender and the gravy had a good flavor. but the best part was the fact that portion control was taken care of and the mess was all gone

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