Quick Pork Tender Loin, for nights when time is short

Quick Pork Tender Loin

Quick Pork Tender Loin can be made up fast for nights that time has gotten away from you.

Add a few spices to add flavor and in to the oven it go’s.  No need to work very hard at this dish.  the pork can take care of itself after you add a littl loving touch.

Almost any spice combination will work, just be light handed with the salts.  You can add move when you serve but it is hard to take it away.

Anise seed has a great flavor in pork and fish, Smoked salts adds the smoke and the Chiptle and garlic is the finishing touch.

Place the pork in aluminum foil for a no mess dinner; it makes it easy to rub the spices into the meat too.

Plated up with some vegetables and potatoes Au Gratin with the pork and you’re the Hero of the night.








Quick Pork Tender Loin

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  • Pork Tender Loin
  • Spices See picture
  • Aluminum foil


Place the tender loin on a sheet of aluminum foil

Spice up the meat with spices that you like

Wrap up the pork roast

Place it in a pre-heated oven set at 350 deg F

Bake till done. Time depends on the size of the roast.


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