Chicken Dinner

Quick Bulgogi Chicken Dinner

Bulgogi Chicken Dinner

We gave Tyson’s Tastemakers Package with chicken a try tonight.  It was in a nice little package with all of the ingredients individually wrapped.  The instruction sheet was very easy to follow.

Instruction Sheet

The chicken was pre cut and in a sauce of some sort.  I am thinking the chicken is odd off cuts from their main line.  Nice way to use the small parts and not just sending them to the hotdog line.

Tyson’s Tastemakers Grains and Sauce

Nice and easy Dinner

The grains were pre cooked and fit the dish very well.

The Bulgogi sauce was the right amount so no waste there either.

For some odd reason the Sesame seasoning was just okay, I am thinking it was to add a bit of color.

Conclusion about how the Bulggogi Chicken Dinner Turned out.

Cooked up quick and the flavor was good, overall not a bad dish.  Sure was did nice not have to figure out what was for dinner.  4 stars from me

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