Broccoli and Beef

PF Chan’s Beef and Broccoli Review

P.F. Chan’s Beef and Broccoli Review

The readymade main dish market has grown up.  If you look in the freezer section of your local market you will find a good selection of entrées.  From Asian, Mexican, Itilain to small frozen lunches. There are a few different dishes from P F Chan, and I will try a few of the others in the future.

Todays  From PF Chan

Today we are cooking up a dish from P.F. Chan.  Beef and broccoli is what the name on the package calls it.  First thing is that the contents in the bag actually look like the picture on the packaging.  Great looking Broccoli, there is ample amount of it as well as the beef.  The sauce is frozen in little cubes mixed in with the rest of the items.  Don’t over cook this dish the meat will get rubbery and we all know what happens to Broccoli when it is left cooking to long.  Not a nice meal adder.

What I added to the P F Chang dish

I cut up some onions, mushrooms and baby bell peppers to go with this dish.  I wasn’t planning on making a lot of extra side dishes to go with this, so I think it worked out well.  I place everything in to one skillet and set the heat on medium, wasn’t in a rush to get it done real fast.  It took about 15 minutes to heat through.  I did have to separate the beef from its clumps but other than that it is a hand off dish.  Instead of rice to go with this I made up a package of Yakisoba noodles, nice change from rice.

My Rating

I found the dish to be rather tasty and I would serve it again.  The portions were very filling and there was even a little left over.  I give this dish a 5 out of 5 star rating, very satisfied with the tenderness of the meat and the firmness of the vegetables.  The sause was very tasty too.

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