Meet The Bomb Pizza (It’s Possibly The Coolest Pizza In Existence)

Yes, this food is on fire. And it looks awesome.

This is called The Bomb Pizza and it’s from The Place restaurant in Seoul.

It might look just like a ball of dough that was caught on fire, but it’s actually a shell surrounding typical pizza toppings. After it’s lit on fire, the heat cooks the pizza toppings and melts the cheeses. You can eat it plain, or you can use any of the dipping sauces The Place provides.

It might be worth traveling around the world just to eat this pizza.


Watch them serve up The Bomb…it’s totally hypnotizing.

This one is red because it’s filled with gorgonzola and cranberries (and it’s perfect).

(via BuzzFeed)

Now, I’m not saying Americans couldn’t think of an awesome pizza creation like this, but it’s no surprise that The Bomb is being served up in Korea!

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