How to make the best Fried Potatoes

For the Best Fried Potatoes try this!


Having great potatoes for breakfast can get your day started on the right foot.

Planning your meals is a key step.  You don’t have to add a ton of items to make your dish stand out, but a few items will add to the color of the dish.

Here is what I do:

I start with baby red potatoes

Either bake them or microwave them till about half done and let them cool overnight.

The next morning that them out of the refrigerator to warm to room temperature

Quarter the potatoes and set a side

Cut up the items that you want to add to your potatoes:



Bell peppers


Salt and Pepper


In a frying pan:

Add a dab of butter on low heat and a spoon full of coconut oil.  The butter will brown the potatoes and the oil will keep them from sticking in the pan.

Add the potatoes and flip them softly when one side has browned

After the potatoes have browned a little add the other ingredients

Increase the heat to medium and cook the vegetables that you have added

The key is to check how done the items are in the pan.   I use a tooth pick to check for doneness.

Before serving you can sprinkle some fresh cut herbs to excite the taste buds of your friends and family.

Now keep an eye on your eggs and the rest!

Post Author: Bradly