Chocolate Cake

Happy Chocolate Cake Day! Here’s How To Celebrate The RIGHT Way.

Chocolate cake…am I right?

Sorry, I got distracted by that.

Today is National Chocolate Cake Day! It’s officially my favorite holiday I never knew about before…well, today. And since I know that many other people feel the same way (I’m ignoring all you vanilla fans for a second), I dug up the best, most delicious, most sinful chocolate cake recipes around.

You can thank me by inviting me over to sample them when you get to baking.

1. Let’s start off relatively easy with what’s touted as the best chocolate cake…ever.

2. Now that that’s outta the way, it’s time for some black magic.

3. If this is what people are calling “rustic” these days, I’m moving to the country and buying a barn.

4. There’s nothing wrong with a little marshmallow on top.

5. This mocha chocolate cake belongs in an art museum. But mostly in my tummy.

6. All you need to know about this cake is that it has red wine in it AND raspberry buttercream.


Post Author: Bradly