Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup Recipe

Chicken Soup

Chicken soup

Chicken soup has inspired songs like the Chicken Noodle Song, to book series Chicken Soup for the Soul.   If you want you can do some reading on the history of Chicken Soup at Wikipedia  You can see how different cultures of the world put their twist on food that you take for granted the chicken soup recipe, what I have here is a very basic start.  Let you mind run free with variations you will find the soup that fits you after making it a few times.

Chicken Soup Recipe:

Yield: All Depend ….

Classic Chicken Soup

Prep Time: How much are you are making…. and how many for?

Total Time: A few hours  to a day to let the flavors blend and get to know each other….


  1. Chicken Stock 2 cups
  2. Chicken
    1. Chicken Breast 1 Large or 1 ½ cups of Leftover Roasted Chicken
    2. Whole Chicken ( if Your feeding a bunch)
    3. Mirepoix (usually a mixture of onionscarrots, and celery)  ½ cup of each
    4. Dash of Salt and Black Pepper to taste. Some like to hold off on the pepper until it is time to serve.  Something about preventing to many tannin’s in the soup
    5. A little garlic
    6. Water to cover contents
  3. Noodles or White rice. Your choice Almost everyone has that one noodle that is just what they love for this dish.
Chicken Soup With Noodles


  1. Start with a clean pot, two quart if you making a small amount. It is a good thing to measure your ingredients’ so you can repeat for dish or make changes as you feel fit.
  2. Do measure and record what you use, you may want to make the same dish a second or third time.
  3. Bring the water to temperature a hard simmer no need to boil everything to death. You’re cooking not sanitizing your food. A soft boil it is okay.



Special Information

Ingredient can all be substituted and added when you wish, there are no hard or fast rules for your Chicken Soup recipe except may be having Chicken in it, that’s why it is called Chicken Soup

Pick the Noodle you like for your Chicken Soup and Vegetables too.

Some people fine celery to be a bit bitter so be careful on the amount that you use.

Over the years people have called this soup a cure for your soul and use to help you get over the common cold.  It could be that it is just good homemade food with a pinch of love in it.  On a cold winter day it hits the spot every time.

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