6 Foods You Eat All Of The Time That Will Probably End Up Poisoning You. Oops.

Before you get too happy or hopeful, remember one thing: everything in this world is probably trying to kill you. People, animals, weather and accidents are just a few of the things that could end our lives prematurely. But what about food? One thing most people don’t think is trying to kill us are the foods we eat everyday. Well now it’s time to add one more thing to the list.

Here are six foods you probably eat everyday that could potentially kill you if you’re not careful. (You can thank us later.)

1.) Wild Almonds.

This delicious snack food can actually be deadly if eaten in the wild. Humans typically eat sweet almonds, as opposed to wild almonds (which taste bitter). Besides tasting bad, these wild almonds also contain a very unhealthy dose of cyanide.

The next time you’re stranded in the woods and tempted to eat the almonds you find there. Don’t do it.

2.) Apples.

Yes it’s true, every one’s favorite fall time fruit can actually kill you. Of course, apples are only dangerous if you eat a whole lot of apple seeds. When your body digests the seeds, it sort of accidentally turns them in cyanide. Eat too many, and well you get the idea.

3.) Tomatoes.

Did you know tomatoes are members of the nightshade family? AKA the family of sorta poisonous plants? (Yep, I had no idea either.) The tomato itself is not necessarily bad for you, but stay away from its leaves. They’re full of harmful tomatine. Yuck.

4.) Kidney Beans.

Make sure you’re properly boiling your kidney beans. If not, then you might accidentally ingest a little toxin known as phytohaemagglutinin. It’s about as fun for your body as it is for you to say out loud.

5.) Potatoes.

Not all potatoes will kill you, but green potatoes will. Potatoes turn green if they are left out and exposed to light. First you’ll vomit profusely, then if you keep eating, you’ll have a heart attack and die.

In addition to green potatoes being dangerous, the leaves from potatoes will kill you. Believe it or not, people have actually died from drinking potato leaf tea.

6.) Cherries.

Despite their deliciousness, cherries will kill you if you give them the chance. To avoid that terrible fate, just stick to eating the fruit. Don’t eat the seeds, or leaves.

(Via: Thrillist)

Watch out for those apples as we’re heading into prime apple picking season. Walking through an orchard might seem adorable, but if you eat a fistful of apple seeds? You’re probably going to have a bad time.

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