25 Of Your All-Time Favorite Foods Wrapped In Bite-Sized Packages

 Favorite Foods Wrapped In Bite-Sized Packages

If you’re hosting a holiday party or a New Year’s Eve celebration this year, grab some paper and a pen and get ready to plan your menu. These 25 bite-sized versions of your favorite foods are so tasty and adorable, you’ll wonder why you never made them before!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sit-down dinner, but that’s not always feasible with a big get-together. Whether you’re daunted by the thought of making enough turkey and ham for 20 people or simply don’t have enough dinning rooms chairs, these bite-sized snacks are great alternatives.

Now guests can grab and go as they please and enjoy miniature versions of delicious foods that rarely appear as appetizers. Bon appétit!

1. Nothing says home cooking like chicken pot pie bites.

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2. Making Reuben sandwiches for an entire party would be near impossible, but Reuben potato skins? That’s totally doable!

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