16 Easy (And Awesome) Fire Pits You Can Build For Your Yard This Summer

I’d argue that few things are more perfect than spending an evening in your yard with friends, good food, and a fire pit to keep you cozy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the beach, swimming in pools, and enjoying the sun, but there’s something pretty magical about a roaring fire and s’mores.

If your yard doesn’t have a fire pit, though, don’t give up on this dream! It’s actually super easy to make your own, as evidenced by these easy, awesome builds. Check them out!

1. You really don’t need any masonry skills to make these things. This guy had no experience.

2. You can make it as simple as you’d like.

3. But seriously…this guy literally stacked stones in a circular pattern.

4. If you’ve got some leftover bricks from another home project, throw ’em in there!

5. Or maybe you have some stone out in the yard you’re not using.

6. This one is made from an old grill that they put in the ground.

7. All it took was $50 to make this pit out of concrete tree rings and an old grill.

8. But don’t feel limited to just grills and stones. This uses an old washing machine drum!

9. If you’re looking for a classic pit, this one is great.

10. But you can go with whatever configuration you want.

11. If you want to get crafty with it, you can use other materials like metal caging.

12. And if you really want to spice things up, add a projection screen for nighttime movies!

13. This in-ground pit is super cool…even the kids are hip with it.

14. Don’t feel limited to a smaller pit — if you want to go big and have the space…do it!

15. Go all out and add a gazebo with swing seating.

16. These benches are super easy to make, but they look fancy.

Get as creative as you want. You’re only limited by your own imagination!

Just be sure to invite me over when everything’s done.

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Post Author: Bradly