12 Skills You Can Learn In 60 Seconds

Anyone who has ever applied for a job knows that it’s important to build up a skill set. That principle holds true in everyday life as well. You never know when you’ll need to tap into your arsenal of skills, especially if you need to get yourself out of a bind!

Here are a few that you can learn in under a minute.

Tie a bowline knot

This picture is pretty self-explanatory, but knowing how to tie an effective knot is important.

Be more photogenic

Lean slightly toward the camera and learn how to do a 3/4 smile. Big smiles don’t necessarily make for great photos, so it is important for you to know how to pare it down a bit.

Sharpen a knife

Grab the sharpener with your non-dominant hand and place it tip down onto a cutting board. After that, slice downward, making sure that the whole knife has touched the sharpener. Repeat as necessary.

Select the freshest produce

For fruit, pick it up and see if it feels smooth and firm. If it doesn’t, it may be rotten. For veggies, the same rules apply, but it’s also important to consider color and smell.

Pick a lock

Get a tension wrench and a pick. Wiggle the pick around inside the lock until it’s all the way in, and twist the wrench like you would turn a key.

Saber a bottle of champagne

Remove the wire and coil from the champagne top, find the seam of the bottle, place the blade on the seam, and slice the blade toward the top.

Learn CPR

Performing CPR is relatively simple. Push down on the center of the chest at the rate of 100 pumps per minute. Every 30 pumps, give two breaths by tilting the head back, pinching the nose, and blowing into the mouth until you see the chest rise. Each breath should take one second.

Boost your confidence

One easy way to boost your confidence and reduce stress is to stand in front of a mirror for a minute in a Superman pose. It releases testosterone, which boosts confidence.

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Cook over a fire

Get your food, wrap it in tinfoil, then place it near a campfire (not directly over it). When you think enough time has passed, open it up and enjoy!


If you find a calm place in your home or office, go to it, close your eyes for one minute, and let the stress melt away.

Run faster

If you sprint up hills and jog back down, your mile time will be shorter because your body will be used to sprinting uphill. A flat mile will feel like nothing!

Whistle loudly

Place your fingers in your mouth like the man above, pull your lips over your teeth, roll your tongue back, and let that whistle blow!

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These skills aren’t exactly lifesavers, but they’re still useful. You never know what you’ll need to do in a pinch!

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Post Author: Bradly