You’ve Never Seen Toast Like This!

If you ate two pieces of toast every day for 500 days, you’d almost have consumed this artist’s medium by the end.

With 1,064 pieces of toast in total, artist Jolita Vaitkute recreated her city in stunning sepia tones for the opening of a bread factory in Vilnius, Lithuania. The resulting piece, which stands at a colossal 11 by 13 feet, unsurprisingly broke the country’s record for largest work of toast art.

Although the idea seems far-fetched, conceptualizing the project ended up being the easiest part.

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Because the artist is so well versed in creating works of food art, what could’ve taken months and months was completed in about 50 hours.

By strategically burning each piece of toast, she achieved the same sense of depth artists typically create with pencils and paint.

Because there were so many moving parts, planning for the project was extensive and meticulous.

Each piece of toast was coded and catalogued so that she and her team could keep track.

The finished product lost no quality in its atypical production. In fact, it’s all the more stunning for it.

For more information, be sure to check out Jolita Vaitkute’s website.

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