These 16 Kitchen Hacks Will Transform You From Zero To Master Chef Hero!

Cooking is more than just science…it’s a skills game!

Anyone else find themselves spending countless hours watching the Food Network? I’m always so perplexed at how both master and amateur cooks alike can produce such top-notch culinary dishes…and in 30 minutes or less!

But don’t fret, you can have the culinary prowess of a master chef thanks to these time-saving kitchen hacks.

1. Need to cut some veggies, but don’t have time for a knife? Try a pizza cutter!

2. Use a wine glass to make perfectly rounded cookies and biscuits.

3. Soaking onions in a bowl of ice water can eliminate the stench without sacrificing the taste!

4. Forget about all the annoying cleanup by baking lasagna in the dishwasher.

5. If you find your broth to be just a bit too fatty, stick it in the fridge to cool then skim the top layer off!


6. What’s better than ice cream? Eating ice cream from these awesome, edible chocolate bowls!

7. Need hands-free access to instructions? Use a clothing hanger to suspend your recipe from kitchen cupboards.

8. Ensure freshness for your fruits and veggies by grabbing a straw and a Ziploc baggie to suck the excess air out!

9. Who knew Coca-Cola served as the perfect meat tenderizer?

10. Place some uncooked rice into a pot of salty soup to help draw out some of the excess salt.

11. One part oil to five parts water is the perfect recipe for a DIY cooking spray

12. Adding shreds of cabbage or potato can add flavor, while also reducing the saltiness of your favorite ground beef dishes.

13. Spraying measuring spoons with non-stick cooking spray will make sticky ingredients like honey or peanut butter slide out with ease!

14. Is your favorite custard recipe or pancake batter coming out too thin? Stir in some flour for a quick and easy thickening!

15. Your friends will be super impressed when you serve dinner on a warm plate and a chilled dessert on a cool one. Heat them in the oven or place them in the fridge for five minutes beforehand!

16. Sugar, and spice, and everything…moldy? Add sugar or salt to canned food with mold to make it edible again. Remember to scoop out the mold and boil the food first, though!

I may not be the best cook in the world, but with these tips, I might just find myself applying to be on “Chopped” one day!

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