Steaks on the grill, are they safe?

Real Danger in Grilling!

Yes there is a real danger in grilling,

Here we are in the middle of summer and almost everyone either bar-b-que’s or goes to one.  There is a hidden danger on the grill.  One that you may not even think about and it isn’t the food, it is the brush that could have been used to clean it.  Yes that nice brass brush with the little bristles.  After brushing the grill you need to wipe the grill down to remove and of the bristles that could be embedded on the grate.  I have put some links in this post so you can get more information.

If you take time to read the instructions on the brush you can see that some of the brush manufactures know of this danger and tell you about it up front.

Read the Instructions
Take the time to read the instructions. In the end your the one that needs to know what your using and how to use it.

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