I Can’t Decide Whether This Makes Me Hungry Or Sick. Probably Both, But I Don’t Plan On Trying.

In Aarhus, Denmark, possibly the greatest thing ever happened. Someone had the brilliant idea of cooking the world’s biggest burger and letting the public join in all of the beefy goodness. Luckily, Reddit user Abeneezer was there to witness the glorious event. It’s completely normal if you feel insanely jealous.

A special oven had to be used in order to cook the meat through for the world’s biggest burger.

Once on the table, a LOT of cheese had to be added…

A cardiac arrest level of cheese.

And what upstanding burger wouldn’t have a bit of bacon on it?


Next, a whole farm’s worth of tomatoes.

It began to rain when they were adding the onions and dressing, so they brought out a giant umbrella.

Got to protect that precious burger!

Once the rain stopped. they moved onto adding a giant layer of lettuce.

Of course, they also needed ketchup.

Literal buckets of ketchup.

And only one thing was missing…

A giant burger bun!

The crowd went nuts as this was brought out.

Ta-da! It’s burger time.

A knife just wouldn’t cut it.

So they brought out a sword instead.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Dinner is served.

Now THAT is a real burger king. Source

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