Chef's Choice Egg Cooker

Egg Cookers Do You Own One Yet?

Egg Cookers are Great!

There are a lot of different egg cookers on the market.

You can make soft as well as Hard eggs with the electric egg cookers

Chef's Choice Egg Cooker
Chef’s Choice Egg Cooker

Clean up is a snap

Peeling the eggs is no longer a chore

Measure a the water and turn it on and in 15 minutes or so there you are!  All done, just place them in an ice bath to stop the cooking

Seeing that the cooking is on a timer there is no pot watching

There are Egg Cookers that hold up to 14 eggs, you will find the majority of them hold seven (7). Why that amount I think it is because of the size the cooker is.



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Here is a video showing the Cuisinart CEC-7





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