17 Insane Fast Food Items You Had No Idea Existed. Some Of Which Look SO GOOD.

Indescribably unhealthy fast food isn’t just for Americans. The entire globe is guilty of creating food so amazingly tasty (and terrible) that the human race will be killed off in approximately 13.2 years. However, while you’re still alive, you might as well focus on trying at least one of these incredible foreign fast food items. Except for the wasabi donuts. Because, gross.

1. A Baby Ruth “chocodilla” – Taco Bell, Guatemala

2. Rice Kongee – KFC, China

3. Coconut Shrimp Pizza – Pizza Hut, South Korea

4. Chili Cheese Nuggets – Burger King, Czech Republic

5. Dry Pork & Seaweed Doughnut – Dunkin’ Donuts, China

6. Tom Yum Crunch Chicken – KFC, Malaysia

7. Green Tea Blizzards – Dairy Queen, Thailand

8. BigSpicy Paneer Wrap – McDonald’s, India

9. Frosty Coffee Jelly – Wendy’s, Philippines

10. Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream – Baskin’ Robbins, Malaysia

11. Cheese & Marmite Sarnie – Starbucks, U.K.

12. Wasabi Cheese and Seaweed Cheese Doughnuts – Dunkin’ Donuts, Singapore

13. Ebi (shrimp) Filet O’Fish – McDonald’s, Japan

14. Star Pops Pizza with Mini-Hot Dogs and Mustard – Pizza Hut, Philippines

15. Spinach & Parmesan Nuggets – McDonald’s, Italy

16. Spicy Bean Burger – Burger King, Europe & Asia

17. Bacon Groovy Pizza – Domino’s, France

The next time someone blames obesity on American fast food, just link them to the pizza with mini hotdogs on top.

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